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1 a worker who oils engines or machinery
2 a well that yields or has yielded oil [syn: oil well]
3 a cargo ship designed to carry crude oil in bulk [syn: oil tanker, tanker, tank ship]

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  1. An oil tanker
  2. An oil well
  3. A junior role in the engine room of a ship, senior only to a wiper, consisting mainly of keeping machinery lubricated.

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Oiler can have several different meanings:
  • Oiler (ship), a type of nautical ship
  • Oiler (occupation), an occupation, which can refer to:
    • a person, or job title of a person, who works at keeping machinery lubricated, such as within the engine compartment of a ship
    • any person who works in the oilpatch from derrickhands to toolpushes. Also called rig pigs.
  • A device to apply oil

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  • Euler, a German name which is pronounced the same.
  • Ph.D. student at Arizona State University
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